Holy Murder Holy Murder:
Polygamy's Blood
Holy Murder: Polygamy's Blood
Book Description
HOLY MURDER is a look into the dark underground of polygamous Fundamentalism, practiced by more than 50,000 people in the West. Here sex and blood mix in religious excess. Men driven to obey God's devotion to "The Principle" live and die for their beliefs. Sometimes the violence spills over and touches people outside the system.

HOLY MURDER is set in the Wyoming of the Author's youth and describes the saga of Jan Kucera, a retired AP Bureau Chief who retires to the old homestead along the Bighorn River in Wyoming. Now freelancing, he writes a story for the New York Times about a polygamous sect located on a compound near the mouth of Shell Canyon at the foot of the Bighorns. Shortly after that account is published, a car bomb meant for him kills his wife. Now Jan has to face down his fears and the head of the cult, Prophet Hansen. Hansen is wealthy, politically savvy, and stealthy. State authorities are unable to connect the prophet, convincingly, to the crime.

With the help of Bighorn County Sheriff, John (Monster) Broadbeck (a Vietnam vet with "issues," Kucera sets out to bring the prophet to justice. In doing so he must confront his own confusion about justice denied and his reservations taking the law into his own hands. Along the way he learns more about polygamy and its sister practice, Blood Atonement, than he ever wanted to know. The grisly tale reaches its conclusion when Jan faces the prophet in a life or death encounter in a badland wash. Through it all, Jan, has to face his mortality and the state of his own soul.
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