New York Times Best Selling Author Stephen Singular to discuss his new book – When Men Become Gods
The Book Cellar will be hosting Stephen Singular discussing his newest book When Men Become Gods, Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, His Cult of Fear, and The Women Who Fought Back on Friday June 27th at 6pm. In May 2006, Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for crimes in Arizona (alleged) and Utah and was arrested in August 2006. This book exposes the social impact of plural marriage, the dangers of religious extremism, and the intersection where faith meets criminal behavior. Twenty years ago the author was nominated for a national award for documenting the rise and fall of the neo-Nazi group known as The Order. Two decades later the subject of violently fanatical theology has become a worldwide issue. When Men Become Gods examines Jeff’s story, how it fits into this larger phenomenon and offers a different approach to fighting terrorism.

With new revelations into the nearly impenetrable world of the FLDS, a place of 19th century attire, inbreeding, and eerie seclusion, bestselling author and veteran crime journalist Stephen Singular provides a rare glimpse into a tradition that’s nearly a century old, but only now gaining wide exposure. In Singular’s new book he discusses forced under-aged marriages, young "lost boys" being kicked out of their homes and the community, the rise to power of FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs, the courageous women who helped bring Jeffs to justice, the efforts of investigators and what the Mormon church has (or has not) done to help the victims of the FLDS.

Recounting the stories of women like Laura Chapman, who fled the FLDS community and Elaine Tyler, of the local non-profit group of volunteers who help people leaving polygamy – The HOPE Organization, Singular shows how people who were victimized by Warren Jeffs eventually brought him to justice – and continue to do so.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss FLDS, an aspect religious extremism that exists in our local community, effects our daily lives and is so often ignored. Stephen Singular will be discussing and taking questions regarding his new book When Men Become Gods at The Book Cellar, 130 N. Main St George this event is free and open to the community, but seating is limited so please call 435.652.0227 for reservations. His book is now available at The Book Cellar. Refreshments will be offered. Mr. Singular will also be speaking at the Hurricane Library Assembly Room on Sat. June 28th at 4pm.

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Originally published June 20, 2008