Boys struggle after leaving their polygamous families
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - They are known as the Sons of Perdition. They are the faces behind a new documentary airing tonight on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The film follows several boys as they escape Colorado City, leaving behind their polygamous families. You could call these kids the second generation of the "Lost Boys". A decade ago, hundreds of boys were thrown out of the community to pave the way for the older men to marry a higher number of younger girls. These boys are tossed out of a polygamous community, unprepared to survive in the real world.

On the remote border of Utah and Arizona, the prophet Warren Jeffs, has banished hundreds of boys from their strict polygamous sect.

This documentary film highlights the lives of 3 boys leaving their families behind as they say good-bye to a life of polygamy.

"Iím Joseph Broadbent. I have two moms, 21 siblings, and I ran away from Colorado City."

Joseph is safe today. Heís living and working in Salt Lake City. At 22 years old, he only has a 5th grade education.

"We donít have the education, and we donít have the social skills, and itís hard to live out here," said Broadbent.

"One of the boys confuses Clinton and Hitler. They donít know who the President of the U.S. is. They donít know anything, and thatís how Warren Jeffs kept them down. He kept them undereducated, and in fear of the rest of the world," said Tyler Measom, the filmmaker.

Measom is one of the filmmakers who followed Joseph for 2 and a half years. He watched him transition into the outside world. At 17, Joseph left behind a community where music, movies, and dating weren't allowed.

"When we first met them, they were so scared to death," Jennilyn Merten, a filmmaker, said. "They would say, we saw a girl in the bathroom and she talked to us, we did not know what to say."

"It took me a long time to get over the teachings of my dad and the prophet, Warren Jeffs," said Broadbent.

But what they couldnít get over was being isolated from their families.

"Itís sad. It really is. I would try to call mom, and she would say, I canít talk to you. Imagine what itís like to say you canít talk to your family," says Broadbent.

Severed from their families and bred to believe that one foot in the outside world will send them directly to hell.

"When you turn your back on it all, you are a Son of Perdition. Youíve just sealed your doom," said an exiled member.

This documentary is a hit with the film critics. It airs tonight at 7 on OWN.
Originally broadcast June 2, 2011