Five Young Adults Killed In Crash
(KUTV) ARIZONA Family and friends are grieving the loss of 5 people from the polygamist communities of Hilldale and Colorado City.

They were all killed in an accident.

The wreckage wasn't discovered for several hours.

The lone survivor Nakita Timpson. She is said to be doing okay.

The crash happened on her 16th birthday.

She waited over 14 hours for help to arrive.

It wasn't until friends came looking that they found the wreckage.

"Expect the worst hope for the best and this was the worst," said Clayton Bistline, whose daughter was killed in the accident.

Clayton Bistline is searching through the wreckage for his daughter's belongings.

He finds school work with his daughter's name on it: Monica Bistline. She was just 17 years old.

She was riding in this Suburban when it ran off the road and rolled over in the Arizona desert.

Heavenly Father gives live and takes life," Bistline said.

She is just one of five who died in the accident, including another 17-year-old girl and three boys ages 15, 19 and 22.

Friends were in pure disbelief when they heard.

Vilate Hammon was in the Suburban just hours before the crash.

"Said good-bye, didn't realize it would be the last time," she said.

She got dropped off at home and wondered where her friends were the next day at school.

The sheriff's department tells families that 3 of the victims died on impact, but that the other two could have been alive for hours in the bitter cold.

The lone survivor is 16-year-old Nakita Timpson. She waited all night and most of the day for help to arrive.

Timpson, whose brother died in the crash, was rushed to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, where she is said to be doing okay.

Friends say they'll focus on helping her recover and celebrating the lives of those lost.

"Very, very loved. All of them were very loved. It's just incomprehensible," said Darrin Bistline, Monica's aunt.

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Originally broadcast March 8, 2012