Man Who Allegedly Murdered Teen Is FLDS 'Lost Boy'
Salt Lake County Jail
Parley Dutson

Parley Dutson, 18, allegedly shot his 15-year-old girlfriend when she refused to have sex with him in front of others.
The shooting victim is loaded onto a medical helicopter

The shooting victim is loaded onto a medical helicopter for transport to the hospital. The girl received critical injuries after being shot in the head. April 7, 2007

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY - He's charged with murder in the death of his 15-year-old girlfriend, but what's the 'lost boy' connection to 18-year-old Parley Dutson?

Dutson is a so-called 'lost boy' who, like so many other teens, had been kicked out of the polygamous towns of Hildale and Colorado City.

Some believe they were ordered exiled at the hand of jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

We spoke to a 'lost boy' from the FLDS community who refused to be identified. He says he was kicked out of the dusty polygamy outposts at 14.

"I lived in the same house as Parley for about six months, working with him," says the boy.

Reading only at a first grade level he took up with Parley Dutson and other lost boys in Las Vegas before moving to the Salt Lake Valley where last weekend, Dutson is accused of demanding sex, then killing Kara Hopkins.

"The only thing that could explain to me what happened is hard drugs use," says the lost boy. "It changed him from one of the most respectful people to the worst person you could think of."

Joni Holm has cared for 'lost children' from polygamy and says many believe they’re eternally damned for being expelled, and in the grief of losing their families 'lost boys' turn to drugs and sex.

Joni Holm says, "They believe they're going to hell."

And, she thinks, more danger and death may follow.

"It's getting worse and worse," says Holm, "and we've got one tragedy from it, and there will be more to come if somebody doesn’t step in to do something to help these young men and women."
Originally broadcast April 13, 2007