"Doomsday" is Here for Members of the FLDS Church
Doomsday polygamy exodus

Wednesday marks the 175th anniversary of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

But to some members of the polygamous 'FLDS church Wednesday is "doomsday".

Warren Jeffs the self proclaimed prophet of the reclusive FLDS church has gathered 2,500 of his most faithful followers and moved them to this 1,700 acre ranch in Eldarado Texas.

The move was in preparation for a prophesied apocalypse. Warren Jeffs believes he and his chosen few now living in this Texas compound will be caught up into heaven. Such a claim has the 7,500 followers left behind in Hilldale Utah furious.

3 times in the last decade, 3 different prophets, have told followers they would be lifted to heaven while the rest of the world was left to fight the Armageddon. And each time when it doesn't happen there is an excuse, like the members were not faithful enough.

So what makes Wednesday different? No one knows.

The question remains. Why build a new compound with a temple set to be dedicated tomorrow, 3 homes over 28 thousand square feet each, If you believe the world is set to end?

Many believe this new compound was built in Texas so there could be a fast escape to Mexico if problems arise.

You'll hear more of the secret tapes tonight at ten to give you a better understanding of what Jeffs is preaching to his followers.
Originally broadcast April 5, 2005