Capitalizing on the "End of the World"
Some people in Eldorado, Texas find the thought of polygamists and the end of the world more than a little funny. Others apparently find it to be a good way to make some money.
Ben Winslow (KSL Newsradio)
Grim Reaper
Ben Winslow (KSL Newsradio)
Tomorrow has been cancelled

ELDORADO, TEXAS-(KSL News) -- For some people, polygamists and the end of the world in Texas are something to laugh at.

Jim Runge dressed up like the grim reaper and waved to cars as they passed through Eldorado. Inside his shop is a picture of Warren Jeffs that asks a question.

"It said, can you think of anything more scary than Warren Jeffs? You need a diversion. You need a little humor to add to your job so you all won't have to be so serious."

Runge even changed the Chamber of Commerce sign to read: "Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled." Not to be outdone, the local newspaper is hawking its own ballcaps and T-shirts declaring Eldorado the "Polygamy Capitol of Texas."
Originally broadcast April 6, 2005