Quiet Day in Eldorado
It's a quiet day so far in the small town of Eldorado, Texas, in spite of widespread reports something big was expected to happen at the new headquarters of the FLDS Church.

As you may have noticed, the world did NOT end today. Ordinarily that's not news, but investigators have said a polygamist leader prophesied the world might come to an end, and that drew a crowd in Texas today. And of course it's a story with Utah roots.

Salt Lake City is still here and so is Eldorado, Texas. Not much happened there, actually. But concerns about an apparent prophecy did draw a crowd to the polygamist's remote compound.

Followers of Utah polygamist leader Warren Jeffs have been building a temple near Eldorado, Texas. They've been working round the clock since January 1, with a reported target date for completion today, April 6th. Investigators have said Jeffs predicted the world would end today and only the faithful would be saved.

News vehicles gathered at the locked gate. That's partly because of law enforcement worries that the Jeffs group might do something violent. The local sheriff went inside the compound and was assured that nothing out of the ordinary would occur. Some of the worries started with law enforcement in Utah.

Mark Shurtleff, Utah Attorney General: "We were concerned enough that we sent my investigators to share their information with Texas state and local authorities, that was important enough to us. We were cautiously optimistic that nothing would happen."

In the aftermath, considering that nothing special did happen, there are inevitable questions about whether everybody over-reacted. Why such a big turnout and so much coverage for a non-event?
Originally broadcast April 6, 2005