Shurtleff’s Posturing
The thought of decriminalizing polygamy is repugnant ["I, Markus," April 20, City Weekly]. The same recommendations have been made in Canada by Dr. Martha Bailey in a report released earlier this year. As far as I am concerned, Bailey committed treason against her own gender! Three other papers included in this report on polygamy in Canada called for no changes in our national laws against polygamy, more research and caution.

Everyone knows that polygamy in religious groups is driven by patriarchy that claims a hold on the very lives and souls of the young girls and women under its control. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff’s posturing statement that there are not enough resources to "lock them all up" and "put all the kids in foster care" is moot. Most of the women in polygamy are signing up for the welfare rolls as it is.

The patriarchy of polygamy for the most part have only one natural resource to give: their semen. Their ability to provide for so many wives and children thins out as the numbers increase.

These human studs are the ones who need to be arrested. Since when does the First Amendment bow to criminals who wave the "religious belief" flag in the face of forced pregnancy upon the women and young girls among them? Women and young girls are brainwashed into thinking that if they speak out about the crimes of the patriarchy, they will be excommunicated and their souls damned to hell. They are also threatened that they will lose their children.

Shurtleff has been in Mormonism long enough to remember the death oaths practiced in the mainstream temples until the early ’90s. Shurtleff knows the "covenants" and "penalties" pronounced upon the heads of people of his own religion. To face this problem with only dialogue is a coward’s way out.

— Nancy Mereska, Two Hills, Alberta, Canada
Originally published May 4, 2006