Mohave County redistricting project moves forward
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Mohave County

The proposed five new districts of Mohave County.

A new draft of Mohave County’s ongoing redistricting project split Lake Havasu City — the north portion of the city in one proposed district, and the south portion in another.

The proposed split begins along North Kiowa Avenue in the northwest area of the city and continues the cut south at Avalon Avenue, Havasupai Boulevard, Empress Drive and Rainbow Avenue.

The boundary jaunts northeast at South Palo Verde Boulevard and continues on Amberwood Avenue before briefly zigzagging on South Kiowa Boulevard before dropping south on Opossum Drive to Hiawatha Drive. It follows Jamaica Boulevard and jumps eastward along South McCulloch Boulevard to Tropic Boulevard. It extends along Tropic until the city becomes open desert.

The proposed boundary is determined by existing voter precincts. For example, the area to the north includes precincts of Desert Hills, Fiesta, Quail Ridge, Avalon, Bermuda City, Crossman, Hacienda, Industrial, Yucca and Topock — all currently in Dist. 3 (Havasu). And Mohave Mesa, Mohave Valley, Monte Vista and Mesa Del Sur — all currently in Dist. 2 (Bullhead).

The area to the south includes voter precincts of Palo Verde, London Bridge, Sara, Smoketree, Starline, Lakeview, Oro Grande, Rainbow, Thunderbolt, Daytona, Chesapeake, El Dorado, Roadrunner and Jamaica — all of Dist. 3.

According to county documents, most of Bullhead City makes up one district. The proposed northern district that dissects Havasu includes a small southern portion of Bullhead City and follows the Colorado River to include Fort Mohave, Golden Shores, and Topock.

Another district encompasses the rural masses including the communities of Chloride, Meadview, White Hills, Dolan Springs, Golden Valley, Oatman and Western Kingman.

Eastern Kingman was lumped into yet another district — the largest geographically — that spans the entire eastern border of Mohave County and includes Colorado City and Wikieup.

Anything below the Havasu dissection to the county’s southern border makes up another district.

The county has enlisted Federal Compliance Consulting, based in Maryland, and Research Advisory Services Inc., of Arizona, to complete the redistricting. The mandated project is necessary because of 2010 U.S. Census population figures exceeding 200,000 in the county and the increase in Hispanic population, according to earlier reports.

The project centers on resetting districts to reflect five new districts each for county supervisors, Mohave Community College board, Justice of the Peace and five Joint Technical Education Districts.

The finalized redistricting maps would be presented to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors before being submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice for approval.

The two new supervisor seats are set for the 2012 election. The elected officials would take office in 2013, according to earlier reports.

The county’s next redistricting open house meeting in Havasu is set for 5:30 p.m. Aug. 24 at Mohave County Library Lake Havasu City Branch. The library is at 1770 McCulloch Blvd.

Redistricting open house meetings also are scheduled in Bullhead, Kingman, Beaver Dam and Littlefield area, and Colorado City.

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The county redistricting is different from the state redistricting.

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Originally published Monday, August 15, 2011