Hildale City Council continues to shrink
Dan Jessop turns in letter of resignation to the city
HURRICANE - After two city council members resigned in the last few weeks, the remaining members of the Hildale City Council will all need to be present at meetings for the council to have a quorum.

Hildale Mayor David Zitting said he received a written notice from Dan Jessop resigning from the council earlier this month and another from William Jessop, which was more recent.

Zitting said the notice of vacancies would be posted immediately and he wants to be optimistic that he will have some names to present to the council in September.

"Last time it took six months to fill a vacancy but I want to be a little positive," Zitting said.

The city council held its regular meeting Tuesday morning with all three of the remaining councilmember's present, however Zitting said it could be a problem in the future if a council member is missing and there are items to be addressed on the agenda that require a council vote.

"I have stressed that everyone needs to be there," Zitting said. "We also have other boards - the power and the utility boards - and we ratify their actions and we do approve the paying of the bills each month although the treasurer has been directed in the past that the bills need to be paid in a timely manner.

Neither man gave any reason for resigning, however Zitting did say Dan Jessop is "getting up there in age."

But when Dan Jessop was sworn onto the council in January, he said he was tempted to get off but said he would be around for a while longer.

Dan Jessop was not available Monday afternoon but his wife, Dorothy Jessop, said her husband had been at the council long enough.

Attempts to reach William E. Jessop, also known as William E. Timpson, were also unsuccessful.

Dan Jessop started serving on the council when the town incorporated on Dec. 9, 1963.

Two other council members, Harold Peine and Joseph S. Jessop, have been on the council for many years and Zitting started his 21st year as mayor in January.

The other councilman, Lamar Johnson, was appointed to fill a vacancy and ran for reelection in 2005.

William Jessop, on the other hand, appointed in June 2004 to finish the unexpired term of Fred Jessop, missed only one meeting in 2004, but only attended three regular meetings out of 12 and three special meetings out of eight in 2005.

Jessop has not attended one meeting in 2006.

Jessop's last appearance at a council meeting in 2005 was the month before he and five others were removed as trustees of the United Effort Plan, the financial arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by a 3rd District Court Judge.

Although by state code, a council position is considered open after a council member is marked absent three months in a row, Zitting said during a council meeting in February that it was the council's desire to excuse William Jessop although no one had contact with the absentee councilmember in several months.
Originally published August 16, 2006