Hildale fills City Council slots
HILDALE -- After months of trying to fill vacancies on the town council, the Hildale City Council finally filled the two vacancies at its meeting on Tuesday morning.

Mayor David Zitting said William Jessop and Lamar Johnson were appointed to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Joseph Barlow Sr. who resigned in January. Fred Jessop, who, although he did not resign from the council, hasn't attended a meeting in at least six months, left the other position open.

Zitting said he was pleased with the new appointments and pleased that the number of councilors is back up to five. In the last six months, every member of the council had to attend in order to have a quorum and Zitting spoke at the meeting about how pleased he was that everyone left on the council attended the early morning monthly meeting. Of the two newly appointed council members, Zitting said both are excellent people.

"I'm just really pleased the way it turned out," he said.

Since only three voting members were left on the council, in order for the council to make any decisions, the remaining members, Joseph S. Jessop, Dan Jessop and Harold Peine, not only had to be at every meeting, but agree unanimously on decisions.

The two men appointed on Tuesday will serve until the next municipal election, which will be in November 2005.

Zitting said Johnson and Jessop hadn't responded to the numerous advertisements in the paper but rather through communication in the community. Zitting said the city advertised at least three times over the last six months looking for someone to fill the vacancies.

Unlike some city councils where councilors come and go, Zitting said with the exception of the new members, all the others, including him, have served for at least 20 years.

Barlow, who resigned in January after he and 20 other members were removed from their positions within the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and told to leave town, had served on the Hildale City Council since 1963 when the town incorporated.
Originally published June 16, 2004