Court ends polygamist's supervised probation
SALT LAKE CITY -- A former police officer who was convicted of bigamy was released from supervised probation Thursday, after a judge said there was no reason to continue to expend the resources to track him.

Rodney Holm will still have to complete his three years of probation, but he'll do it on "bench" or unsupervised probation, 5th District Judge G. Rand Beacham said. He ordered Holm to return to court May 18.

Holm, 39, was convicted of third-degree felony bigamy and two counts of third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 16 or 17 years old in August 2003. He was sentenced to a year in the Washington County jail and was released on probation in July 2004.

Officers from Adult Probation and Parole have met weekly with Holm since his release, said his attorney Rod Parker. Holm has also fulfilled the other conditions of his parole, including performing 200 hours of community service and completing a psycho-sexual evaluation with a therapist.

The only remaining condition Holm must meet is to obey the law, Parker said. Probation officers have twice recommended Holm be terminated from probation, said Stuart McGyver, the regional administrator for Probation and Parole.

"Basically we do that with all of our offenders if they have successfully completed and complied with their conditions of probation," McGyver said. "It's a question of resources."

Parker said he thinks Holm's case "has so much notoriety that the judge isn't comfortable terminating (probation) outright."

Holm is a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, whose members engage in plural marriages.

Parker said Holm remains a member of the FLDS church, but that he currently has just one legal wife, Suzie Holm.

County prosecutors began an investigation of Holm after his "spiritual" wife Ruth Stubbs left the faith and sued him over the custody of their two children. Stubbs said she married Holm in a religious ceremony when he was 32 and she was 16.

Holm was a police officer in the polygamous border towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz. After his conviction, Utah authorities revoked his certification as a peace officer. Holm is now employed by Colorado City, Ariz., as an equipment officer.

Holm is also one of eight members of the FLDS church recently indicted by Arizona authorities on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and conspiracy.

Parker is not representing Holm in that case, but said he thought the Arizona charges had no bearing on the Utah case.
Originally published Friday, December 16, 2005