Holm off of supervised probation
Rodney Holm

Rodney Holm

ST. GEORGE Rodney Holm, a former Hildale police officer convicted of bigamy and two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 16 or 17 years of age, had his supervised probation lifted Thursday morning.

Fifth District Court Judge G. Rand Beacham agreed with a report from Adult Probation and Parole that Holm no longer be on supervised probation. Holm will most likely finish out the remaining 10 months of his 36-month probation term.

In February, Holm was in court for a review hearing after Adult Probation and Parole requested a premature and successful end to his supervised probation. The state objected stating that Holm was in violation of his parole agreement by living with his two wives.

Rodney Parker, Holm's attorney said he was pleased with Beacham's decision stating that the supervised probation, which included home visits, was intrusive and a burden on his client due to associated fees involved with supervised probation. Deputy Utah Attorney General Paul Graf said the decision was "predictable."

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Originally published December 15, 2005